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inside."" 9-1-1 calls reveal the chaos almost 3,000 lightning strikes in one hour tonight in the bay area. some shocking weather. we'll have the details coming up. the people are telling me that there are five more people trapped inside. >> 911 calls reveal the chaos as the limousine burns on the san mateo bridge. why no charges will be filed in the tragedy. and a popular retailer accused of playing politics. the decision by forever 21 having some customers complaining. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. mother nature putting on a light show tonight. we're getting pictures and this incredible video from viewers of lightning in the skies tonight. just a part of the unsettled weather moving through the bay area. let's check in with brian in the weather center. >> now listen, just one hour proceeding to 7:45 tonight, 750
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lightning strikes, most along the peninsula, 100 nautical miles. showing the heavier cell is still north and west of half moon bay and pacifica. there's going to be more to come as we pulled into a pretty good cell of 280 with a complete forecast in a minute and some pictures of the viewer here tonight. one of the most stun asking from at and -- stunning is from the at&t park. also from south san francisco, a good lightning bill of indictment one of many that was recorded tonight by viewers. and look at that with a lot of cloud-to-ground lightning, which will continue for the next 36 hours. we've got a chance for the on again and off again entire forecast coming up from our weather center in a few minutes. ken? >> all right, brian, thanks. we'll see you then. we learned today there will be no charges filed in the san mateo limo fire. authorities ruled it was an accident caused by mechanical failure. nine friends were on their way
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to celebrate a wedding when the fire started the night on may 4. by the time it was all over, five people were dead including the bride. and tonight joe vazquez on the newly released 911 calls that shed a chilling new light on why those women could not escape. >> hello? >> we need help. the limo driver is driving. >> reporter: she was still trapped inside. >> oh my gosh, on the part window. >> reporter: they crawled out through the small front window as the driver brown made his own anguished call. >> can you tell me how many people were in the vehicle? >> i don't know, ma'am, i don't know. >> okay, i understand you don't know. that's okay, we have people on the way. >> and they are right before the westbound of the bridge, correct? >> yes. >> reporter: investigators say the fire was caused by a
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catastrophic failure in the limo's rear suspension system. metal-on-metal contact underneath the car created enough friction to set the floor boards on fire. but the time chp arrived on scene, the flames were out of control. >> the people are telling me there are five more people trapped inside. the doors are locked, i cannot get inside the car. >> reporter: they eventually got the rear doors open, but by then it was too late. >> anything else you need me to do? >> no, i don't they there is anything we can do. >> reporter: we now know a little more why they were trapped inside. the investigation found the child safety lock was engaged on the left rear door. the right rear door was too badly burned to tell. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> tragedy that the limo operator will be fined $7,500 because the car was overloaded, too many people on board. as for the driver, there were reports that he may have been talking on his cell phone when that fire started, but a check of his phone records showed
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that he was not. in the wake of the asiana plane crash, a clarification about the use of cameras on the helmets. these images raised questions as to whether or not the chaos contributed to the death of the crash survivor. today the san francisco fire department set the record straight about their policy for helmet recording devices. >> the policy specifically says that recording devices of any kind any type of recording device is prohibited without the commission of the chief involved. >> reporter: authorities allowed firefighters to wear the helmet cameras as they will be city issued. two weeks from tomorrow. we will see the first cars crossing the new eastern span of the bay bridge. right now we're just nine days from the big conversion closure. they will shut down the entire bridge the night of wednesday, august 28. now remember those bad bolts that threatened to hold this whole thing up?
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well, kristin ayers tells us the contractors installing them will now stand to pocket a big bonus. >> reporter: it is one of the final steps before the eastern span of the bay bridge that will open the tuesday after labor day. the engineers installed a series of wedges to reenforce the cracked bolts on the bridge. the temporary fix clears the way for the bridge to open by labor day. for the lead contractor, the american bridge floor to collect the controversial $20 million bonus for finishing the bridge on time. >> they give out the $20 million project for the $5 billion in ten years over budget. i think it's outrageous. >> reporter: the state audit found the american bridge floor was at least partly to blame for the busted bolt. >> they signed with the contractor a couple years ago. also in the contract was the assumption that the bridge would be assembled correctly
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and that the bolts would not break as soon as you put them under tension. >> reporter: it would be the bonus, $23 million. cal tran will ultimately make the decision about the bonus. some of the questions they will have to ask, did the contractor earn the bonus and should the contractor's capabilities affect the bonus? >> that'll be my goal to make sure bonuses are not awarded until we understand what went wrong and who is responsible for the problems with this bridge. >> reporter: they did not return my call this evening. they have not made a final call and it is unclear when they will. reporting from pressure island, kpix 5. >> what a transportation. look at that. the new eastern span is just about ready. they shot this video early today as you can see crews are wrap up work on the lighting, the lane striping is down with the yellow lines there and the mileage markers are up. of course the last big project will come next week when the
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bridge closes for that big conversion. a shooting in broad daylight has left a man with serious injuries. shots were fired at about 5:00 at sunny dale in their valley. police found the man and woman suffering from wounds. police say the suspect took off in a burgundy sedan. a san diego county man accused of kidnapping a teenager and killing her mom and brother left the life insurance money to their relative. james lee dimaggio's family said that $112,000 is going to bernise anderson, the grandmother of 16-year-old hannah. hannah was rescued on august 10 in the fbi shootout in idaho that killed dimaggio. dimaggio's family says they don't know why he left the money to the grandmother that it was probably for hannah's benefit. the deadline for every american to buy health insurance under obama care is just months away starting on january 1. you'll pay a
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penalty. if you don't have it according to the local non-profit insurance premiums have gone up 170% over the last decade. a new field poll finds that 50% of the california voters have difficulty affording health care. now, some that work out of the popular retailer will not have theirs paid for by their employer. kpix 5 on the criticism that is mounting against forever21. >> reporter: some of the workers got the bad news last week. hours are getting cut, no more vacation time, and they are losing medical, dental, and vision coverage. they are being hypocrites, especially after having the biblical reference on their shopping bags. >> i don't think it's fair for them to be like that. i mean they're a christian organization. doing something like that doesn't seem right. >> reporter: the cutbacks are coming after the company recently audited its staffinglevels, the staffing
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need and payrolls in conjunction with reviewing their overall budget. part-time employee will not exceed 29.5 hours, which happens to be just short of the 30-hour per week definition of a full-time employee under obama care. >> that's not right to do that to them. because they work really hard. >> reporter: the company has forecasted a slow down in the coming months and wrote on facebook forever 21 like all retailers, staff their stores based on projected store sales, completely independent of the affordable care act. nonetheless customers posted hundreds of mostly negative comments like this is a blatant attempt to handle obama care. amazing how far people will go even at the expense of their own people. it is unfortunate. >> it is sad what they are doing. >> reporter: but you're going to keep shopping? >> yeah, if i need something, you know, i'll run in there and get it. but i hope it changes. >> reporter: at first jackie says she didn't care either, but then changed her mind.
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>> well, treat your workers right. it doesn't matter, you know, all about the money. you just need to like be fair to other people. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> reporter: according to forbes magazine, forever 21 had about 31,000 employees and $3.4 billion in sales last year. health benefits and a bay increase is not enough to seal the contract deal for ac transit workers. the union has rejected their offer of a 9.5% pay hike over the last few years. they would contribute more towards their medical coverage. they represent about 1,800 drivers, mechanics, and office workers. now they're going back to the negotiating table. >> as far as bart's contract negotiations, well, no deal three. bart and their unions have not met in eight days. on october 10 is the next contract deadlines so far. no negotiations have been scheduled. checking the other bay area headlines. an arrest in a weekend shooting
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in oakland. the 20-year-old is accused of opening fire on telegraph avenue saturday afternoon right near the theater. witnesses say he tried to steal a purse, but got caught and then returned with a gun. four people were shot, but none seriously hurt. ward faces attempted murder charges. san mateo investigators hope that the reconstruction of the woman's face may help identify remains found in january. the body was found in the state park and an artist creating the image of what she might have looked like. investigators believe she died at least five years ago. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. the atan on a blue -- an attack on a blues musician has lead to a $5 million lawsuit. he is suing the city of hayward, claiming that the event lacked security. the attack as you saw there was caught on tape and the 43-year- old andrews potter has been charged with assault and elder
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abuse. an emotional night is a giant's honor. victims of the boston bombings. two bay area threw out the ceremonial pitches. they helped save the lite of the injured runner -- helped save the life of the injured runner. and for both teams, they are raising money for the one boston fund to help other victims. and trying on breaking the rules. >> students have bad days. >> the move that could make suspensions much harder to impose. an olympic champion chokes up. the evidence that prosecutors say proves oscar pistorius planned his girlfriend's murder. why this young fin whale couldn't be saved at the beach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ramirez on why some say sch shouldn' suspend stud as students go back to school, a new debate to punish the troublemakers. why some schools shouldn't be so quick to suspend students. >> reporter: a few would argue that the teachers must keep order and discipline in the
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classroom to keep all students learning. but sometimes they must deal with the willfully defined students that are not violent, but disruptive. >> a refusal to follow the dress code or refusal to stop texting or using the phone. >> reporter: today teachers can suspend students for those things, but maybe not for long. under a new proposed law, students in elementary school could no longer be suspended for the willful defiance. they could only be suspended for more than one behavior. >> the school data show african american and latino students are suspended for the willful defiance, supporting the measure cutting suspensions in california in half. >> suspending them does not help them. it keeps them home, they get further behind in school and normally they take friends with them. >> reporter: one parent says it is a delicate balancing act. >> the kids should be
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disciplined, but getting kicked out of class for not taking a hat off is a little harsh. >> reporter: so far the teacher's association is neutral on the bill. >> teachers really need to understand how to keep the children who we see are increasingly becoming more defiant. >> reporter: abc20 is a compromised bill eliminating all suspensions or expulsions for willful defiance. it has passed the state assembly currently in the california senate. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and it is blamed for nearly half the suspensions in california. in 2011-2012 school year that is. therapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight is now banned in new jersey. governor chris christie signed legislation today outlawing the gay conversion therapy. new jersey is only the second state after california to make it illegal. san diego's mayor a no show at work again today. bob filner stayed behind closed
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doors reportedly in mediation to settle all claims that he made unwanted sexual advances towards at least 16 women. the attorney gloria is representing several of the alleged victims between the mediation and demands for his recall. filner's career may be over. a tearful oscar pistorius appeared in a south african courtroom today as he was indicted for premeditated murder. prosecutors outlined claims that they heard screams before pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend. he fired through a door thinking that she was an intruder. the trial is set for march. a 50-foot whale died today on a bay area beach. the whale was discovered barely breathing earlier today. volunteers and veterinarians did what they could to save the whale, but there was little hope. whales do it because they are injured or already dying. and after the biologists
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completed the report, a hole will be dug up taborite to -- dug up to bury the whale. have you seen this? >> i have not. if you have fog, you wouldn't see it. but if you were from south san francisco on the central peninsula and looked out to the ocean where you could not miss it. i mean we have terrific lightning bolts taken from san bruno. there were more than almost 3,000 lightning strikes in just 60 minutes. so we had not only the video, but some pictures taken from viewers. it was pretty impressive. we usually don't see that kind of thing. it shows a long line of showers and thundershowers extending off the peninsula. widely scattered in general, heading from the east to the west direction across the central and south bay. and it does not look like it is drying up that much right now. around san jose, 101 and 680 and 280, you can see a pretty good complex east of downtown
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san jose. raining down the villages there. i got off the phone with mom and she told me that the streets are still wet. another big complex all headed this way. heading towards the west, towards the ocean because of the low pressure that is winding up out in the pacific. red flag warnings are posted as a result because a lot of this is dry lightning and lightning with all the tender dry conditions that we've got on the very dry weather means a lot of fire posted for wednesday night. as i said where she 2,750 plus strikes in just one hour tonight. critical fire danger and a thunderstorm chance lingering on through wednesday. you know, just some facts about this. there are about 100 lightning strikes per second globally. the air temperature near every one of those strikes are hotter. about 50,000 degrees. that's why the thunder happens. all being ushered along the low pressure that is offshore with the very moist easterly southeasterly flow that is going to continue. look at this towards the end you can see the thunderstorms are working their way towards the bay area, even -- even
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though the sun has gone down. still a chance for the thunderstorms to continue. tomorrow, temperatures will cool off a little bit, but the big story continues to be the fact that we have chance of a few storms lingering through wednesday. then we have a chance to exhale on wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures into the lower 90s inland. >> thanks, brian. a proud papa talks candidly about his baby boy and how he is already showing his royal blood. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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s prince william a the duke and dutchess of cambridge seem to settling in quite nicely as mum and dad. this is prince william and wife posing with baby george. tureki not the second one is also candidly describing his new life with a new baby. >> he's a little bit of a rascal, let's put it that way. reminding me of my brother when we were younger. >> a rascal. william admitted he was anxious to get back to work so he could get some sleep. a number of royal musicals are making an offer to the bay area. paul mccartney would like to play at candle stick park's final show. and these are photos from that historic performance. he made the new offer before his show with outside plans earlier this month, bringing
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the connections full circle before the stadium is torn down next year. green and gold, time in oakland as it was dramatic. no drama at king street with the giants stumbling their rank through the red sox nation. ,,,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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robby thompson acting manag for the mariners jarrod parr gets the start for the athls in front of 11,112 hey, it's the minute, let's
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go. >> the manager for jared parker, getting the start for the athletics. parker with his best start of the season. 9 innings. look at that. the bottom 9, tied at 1. mr. brandon moss is going to step up and do his thing. all right. it's gone. a walk off, the a's win it 2-1 to see the half game back in texas to beat the astros earlier tonight. and big papi and the red sox with a rare appearance. tim lincecum with a second inning stumble. oh no. yes. that'll cost him. and the 5th inning, lincecum left it high. it took him almost out of the park. and the top of the game was pretty much over as they played 7-0. and the wide receiver, a.j. jenkins. the 49er's tenure is over as they traded the 2012 first round pick to the kansas city chiefs for a 2011 first round pick. wide receiver john baldwin,
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just didn't work out. maybe it changes a little bit more. >> we'll see you at 11:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv.
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